Gianni Versace’s name will loom heavily over fashion forevermore — yes, due to his violent and mysterious demise in Miami, but moreover for the unfading vibrancy of his imaginative palette. Currently, the designer and his eternal nowness are being lauded with a mega-retrospective at Berlin’s Kronprinzenpalais until 13 April 2018.

Forty years after his first ever runway show in Lippstadt, Germany, couture collectors, brand mavens, industry devotees and industrious curators from around the seven seas have combined efforts to put on the largest staging of Gianni Versace paraphernalia of all time, in a country very dear to his heart. Expect to see mannequins in brocaded baroque prints and 90s neons galore, along with pieces worn by Versace’s adorning celebrity fans of the George Michael and Claudia Schiffer sort.

The whole grand fête feels very apropos; one of the world’s most creatively supportive cities welcoming back the most exuberant designer of his day, perhaps of today. Dive into one fabulous visual archive, get into a glitzy mood and start planning your visit here.
Alicia Costas


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