Conquer Gear, the #illustratedstorytellers, are launching an exhibition for new ‘Memories’ illustration, postcards, photography and video collection.
Exhibition: 26th March – 8th April, The Montage, 33 Dartmouth Rd, London, SE23 3HN
Conquer Gear
We love to share our travels on social media with the unlucky ones left behind in wet and windy England, but does it lose the personal, tactile touch of a good old-fashioned photo postcard? The nostalgia of jotting down a story on the back of a postcard and popping it in the post gives a much more personal touch for the recipient.
With this idea in mind, a group of artists from Conquer Gear set out on an urban exploration into forgotten territories. Searching for those hard to find and abandoned spaces that are not in the guidebooks. Places that hadn’t been given the postcard treatment.
With a collection of our printed illustrations, some wallpaper paste, a camera and our wits, we travelled across the UK and Berlin in search of abandoned spaces. These would become beautiful backdrops for our drawings and create an interesting narrative for our photographs.
Returning home from our urban sightseeing expedition we set out to make our photographs into the two postcard packs, one you will have in front of you now. Each one with a story on the back; a memory we formed, but want the viewer to interpret for themselves. We have put together the different art forms of print, photography and video into one show that questions what we think of being a tourist and what we value about spaces we occupy. The art of forming memories!
Who is Conquer Gear? An independent UK illustration and clothing label. Started by artists with a fair trade and organic ethos and a desire to leave a legacy of imagery and collaboration, we call ourselves the #illustratedstorytellers. We think that rather than design alone, why not have stories behind the illustrations you wear or the art you hang on your walls?
The label is spearheaded by the provocative illustrations of Tomoya Hiramatsu and all projects are curated by Sebastian Stobbs. The two friends founded the label after leaving Central St Martins Art College and wanting to turn their love of illustration and print into a livelihood that would fund their art habit.
Urban Exploring is a pastime for the more unusual sightseer out there. Finding beauty in the decay of spaces appealed to us as artists and created a complimentary narrative to the silkscreen prints we are launching in the memories collection. There are many people scaling huge towers and grandiose buildings, but we wanted to capture a more personal story in the photos.
The Memories exhibition includes the following items of art and artists:
Photo Prints: Mirroring a movie still with its panoramic view, we have 12 photographs by Anthony Lycett (250 edition). Hand silkscreen Prints: Nine illustrations by Tomoya Hiramatsu, (200 edition). Postcards: Series 1 & 2, (500 edition of each) & T-Shirts: A selection of the print designs are available on organic and ethical clothing.
For more info and promotional items for giveaways and features visit:

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