Launch Pad is pleased to announce a new commission, Cabin Fever, curated by Launch Pad founder, Sarah Elson and artist, Heman Chong.Picture1

Cabin Fever begins next week on 14th July with an innovative 24-hour writing workshop. Five international artists will gather at 12 noon at Ms Elson’s London residence and spend exactly one full day and night together on site.
The participating artists all make work in which text has played a central role. Through a series of guided workshops, the artists will spend 24 hours generating raw material, which they will take away with them to complete a short story on their own. The five resulting stories will be memorialised in a publication, to be launched early next year with an In Conversation event between the artists and a noted speaker (date to be announced).
The participating artists are Heman Chong (Singapore), who will alternately play the role of co-curator and artist, Travis Jeppesen (Berlin), Isabel Nolan (Dublin), Benjamin Seror (Paris), and Maria Taniguchi (Manila).
Launch Pad is a commissioning series that was established two years ago as a platform for emerging artists who have had limited exposure in the UK. Invited artists conduct a “recce” visit to the private residence of Launch Pad’s founder, and conceive a new work that is later executed, installed and exhibited in the home.  Launch Pad opens the home to the public and creates events around the resulting work, drawing on the host’s broad network in the London art community. Departing from the usual commissioning of a single work of visual art, this iteration of Launch Pad’s programme is more conceptual, using the host’s home and a defined time period as the primary source material.

Launch Pad founder Sarah Elson with Suse Weber's installation of Formula: Marionette 2014

Launch Pad founder Sarah Elson pictured with Suse Weber’s installation of ‘Formula: Marionette’, 2014. Photo: Raymond Lewis

Sarah Elson developed Launch Pad out of a desire to support emerging artists directly, develop her collection, commission new work, and participate in the creative process. She aims to foster a dialogue on commissioning and collecting new art by exposing the process to the public, and offering an innovative model of art philanthropy. Previous Launch Pad events include Launch Pad New York in 2015, where artist Isabel Nolan created A Thing is Mostly Space.
Installation shots of 'Choker' by Rachel Foullon, a Launch Pad commission from October 2014

Artist Rachel Foullon, pictured with her sculpture “Choker,” a Launch Pad commission from October 2014. Photo: Noah Da Costa

The Artists:
Heman Chong (b 1977) is an artist whose work is located at the intersection of image, performance, situations and writing. This year he had a solo exhibition at the South London Gallery. Chong will lead the workshop and is the co-curator of this Launch Pad commission.
Chong has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including expo zero, Tate Modern, Take me (Im yours), Monnaie de Paris, The Great Ephemeral, New Museum, Time of Others, The National Museum of Art in Osaka, When we share more than ever, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Medium at Large, Singapore Art Museum.
Travis Jeppesen (b 1979) is an American writer and artist who works in the medium of language. Jeppesen has written novels, poetry, art criticism, and a form of writing called object-oriented writing, an example of which was exhibited at the 2014 Whitney Biennial as an audio installation.
Isabel Nolan (b 1974) makes sculpture, fabric-hangings, paintings, texts and works on paper. In concert they work to elucidate a consistent line of inquiry into the basic question of how meaning is produced. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at The Irish Museum of Art (2014). In 2015, Nolan was commissioned by Launch Pad to produce A Thing is Mostly Space, an outdoor sculpture for a private residence in New York City.

An image of A Thing is Mostly Space' by Isabel Nolan, a Launch Pad in New York commission from September 2015.

Isabel Nolan, ‘A Thing is Mostly Space’, Launch Pad in New York commission from September 2015. Photo: Melanie Greene

Benjamin Seror (b 1979) is an artist and musician who engages speech as his principal subject and tool. Seror narrates stories that weave together literature, art history and ordinary life, often accompanying them with different musical instruments. His most recent performed work, Mime Radio, was exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
Maria Taniguchi (b 1981) is best known for her ongoing series of large “brick” paintings in which she arranges a consistent grid pattern into different surface configurations. The performative and labour-intensive nature of these paintings makes the idea of time and duration especially salient in her practice. In 2015, she was awarded the Hugo Boss Asia Art prize.
Sarah Elson (Launch Pad host) is an art historian and collector with professional expertise as an advisor to private and corporate collections. Since 2008, she has devoted herself to the cultivation of not-for-profit arts organisations that she supports. A Trustee of the Contemporary Art Society and the Bow Arts Trust, Sarah’s philanthropic activity includes writing and curating as well as fundraising and strategic development.
An image of 'The Mauve Decade' by Josh Fought, a Launch Pad commission from June 2014

Sarah Elson pictured with Josh Faught’s ‘The Mauve Decade’, Launch Pad commission from June 2014. Photo: Noah Da Costa

The Old Boys’ Club, “The Demon of Unsolvable Problems,” 2015. Video animation One of 6 “personal demons” commissioned by Launch Pad that were projected from small projectors positioned in unexpected places throughout the founder’s home.

The Old Boys’ Club, ‘The Demon of Unsolvable Problems’ 2015. Video animation, projection of “personal demons” placed around founder’s home. Photo: Noah Da Costa

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